My ex SuperPower

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Being Romanian, living in Vienna and working in Bratislava

As you might already know this from my first post, I was lucky to be born in Romania, in the beautiful capital Bucharest.

And when I say that Bucharest is beautiful, it’s not because it’s my birthplace, but because it’s a special, different, mixed and sometimes magical city. But I shall develop this idea in another post dedicated to Bucharest.

Now coming back to my biography – so – born in a magical city and lived there for 23 long and beautiful years. That’s until one day, like all spoiled princesses,  I realized that I wanted to discover more magical places. I wanted to check the vibe of a life in a place where its inhabitants look different, think different and of course, speak a different language.

As I was brave, but not that brave :), I decided to check the magic of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. My sister was already living there with her husband and then newly born baby. I already visited the place few times and thought it’s great to already have some family there.

Then I met my husband-to-be and he decided to join as well.

So we packed, squeezed our few belongings in a tiny shiny silver car and hit the road to magical Bratislava. Our journey did not lack amusement – counting the pillars near the highway, listening to the same CD over and over again… not being able to turn right or left as the car was fully loaded. Oh yeah…it was a mess . 🙂

We got to Bratislava, we got a flat to live in, and a job to pay the bills. I was lucky, but my boyfriend not as lucky… He was let go after 7 months working for a company which decided to shut down the department and he had to look for another job. This time, he said to himself, let me get out of my comfort zone – so he got a job in Vienna, Austria. Thanks God it is only 60 km away, I said to myself. Not a big deal.

But I did have a different opinion when our roles exchanged. After three years of living in Bratislava, the landlord decided to move back in the flat where we were living. This being said, we had to move out. We started to look for flats, but, my fiancé, had a bright idea: “Let’s find a flat in Vienna”. Good, I said to myself… now it’s me the one to get out of my comfort zone…

Honestly speaking, I got a bit scared. Back then, I had a thought blooming in my head, visiting me pretty often, and that was to return to beautiful Bucharest. The idea of moving again to a new country, again with different looking and thinking people was not so appealing. I was tired, wanted to plan my wedding –  not to adapt again. But I said, OK, let’s do it, this last time. Let it be our last magical adventure before getting married. As definitely next time when I’ll be moving, will be to the same Bucharest, but with the different looking and thinking me.

So there it was. We moved to Vienna.

And…It was great! In the night, while lying in my bed I was watching on the window (which is amazingly close to my bed), and was seeing the majestic chimneys of the buildings which are watching over the lights of Vienna. As I was laying  my ear on my pillow, I could hear the beats of the heart of the city and it’s so alive!

But enough with the magic… let’s get back to business. Let me give you a glimpse of my past  daily schedule:

  • 06:20 am Wake-up
  • 06:25  – Get off bed and start looking like a human – getting dressed, washed, etc.
  • 06:35 – Have an idea of a breakfast with a hot tea
  • 06:45 – Brush my teeth – yes, I confess, I’m still doing it at least twice a day 🙂
  • 06:50 – Now run Forrest, run! As you might miss your train!
  • 07:14 – Oh thank you God, I did it again! I was able to catch my train!
  • 07:16 – Yes, it’s moving…let’s hope today we’ll get on time to Bratislava so I can catch my damn tram to be on time at work!
  • 09:23 – The tram arrives in the train station.Oh yeah, today we made it honey! Now run Forrest again, to catch your tram!
  • 09:30 – Today it’s a beautiful day, caught the train and the tram too! Feels like winning the lottery!
  • 09:45 – I’m crossing the street towards the big blue building.
  • 09:50 – Logging in, another day at work!
  • 16:50 – OMG! I have to finish my work in 2 minutes! Blast! I need to go to the toilet as well! Darn, again my cup will remain dirty on my desk…
  • 17:00 – Run Forrest, run! You’re missing your tram. If you miss your tram, you’ll lose your train, if you lose your train, you’ll lose your head! 🙂
  • 17:08 – Oh sweet Lord, you are so Great and Mighty! I was able to catch my tram again!
  • 17:26 – Start pushing the people out of the tram if you wish to catch your train! And I am running again!
  • 17:38 – The train leaves Bratislava. Eureka! I did it again!
  • 18:45 – Oh…time to wake up. No need to run. You’re in Vienna now.
  • 19:20 – Home sweet home.
  • 20:00 – Dinner and almost sleeping.
  • 20:30 – Shower and almost sleeping.
  • 21:00 – TV time… definitely sleeping!
  • 22:00 – Getting late, time to move to bed.

This  was a Monday – Friday schedule of a SuperRomanian, living in Vienna and working in Bratislava. Now you see form where my title comes from? Ain’t this a superpower to die for? I bet Batman, Superman and the other super guys are quite jealous! 🙂

As this superpower would have forced me to take over the world, I had to give it away to someone else. But, beware,  few superheroes with the powers described above still exist in the 07:16 am REX from Vienna to Bratislava, so watch out!

I wrote this post thinking about them. Keep up the good fight guys! 🙂


And that’s all folks!


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