Train trip – or The unusual story of a longtime dreamed vacation

Warm weather, sunny days, lying around the pool – or even better by the sea (with a cold beer beside, of course!) – these are the reasons why I absolutely adore summer! But what summer is that without a vacation?

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Vacation is my favorite word since I started the 1st grade :). Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy school and being a student, but the best part of being a student, for me at least, was the summer vacation.

Remember the last days before school ended? How we are all sweating in  overcrowded classrooms, getting anxious to get rid of the final examinations?  How we were all so bored and tired, but our teachers more relaxed and less demanding? How the heat inside the classrooms was making you dizzy and sleepy, and the sound of the ringing bell was awaking you from your imaginary beautiful beach with golden sand  and deep blue water?

I have planned so many things for this year but the main ones were: learning German, learning programming and of course – VACATION!

Since I finished university – let me quote Martin Luther King here – I had a dream. No, no… just to make sure you’re not getting disappointed, I did not plan any great thing as a Miss Universe contestant would do – like saving the world from hunger, or world peace… I went for a more simple dream – that of having a train trip in one or two European countries. Back then I remember looking with envy and curiosity at the young travelers which were visiting Romania with huge heavy backpacks, dressed simple but sweaty, looking tired but happy and with hiking  sandals in their feet. Then I told myself : “One day, when I grow up, I’m gonna travel like them!”.

Well, I kinda had to wait few years after graduating university (6 years to be more precise) in order to make my dream come true. If you ask me now why I waited so long, I will have to be honest and say that I just left myself distracted by common things like commodity, commuting  and blah, blah…

So my dear friends, let me announce you with pride and emotion that in June this year – my dream came true!!!  🙂

I started planning my trip in winter. At first, it was only Lake Como (Italy). Then I remembered that I was wishing for some time to visit Zurich (Switzerland). But why not between Zurich and Lake Como visit Lugano as well? While in Italy why not to visit my hubby’s cousin and lovely wife in Turin? And of course, on our way from Lake Como to Turin, wouldn’t be a pity not to stop in beautiful Milan? Well, being so “rational” ended up with  the following route: Vienna – Zurich – Lugano – Lake Como (and here we visited Menaggio, Belaggio, Varenna and Tremezzo) – Milan – Turin – Cremona – Mantua – Verona – Padua – and last stop the beautiful Venice (all together with islands Murano, Burano and Lido). All by train! With a huge backpack and sandals of course!

It’s been two weeks since I returned from my long dreamed train trip, and it’s still hard for my brain to store the information and pictures of so many beautiful places, and especially the memory of a dream, which finally came true!

P.S. : Stay tuned! More details and pictures from my longtime dreamed vacation are to be disclosed in future posts! 🙂






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