It’s a long way by train to Zurich


It’s been quite a long time since my last post – but hey guys – I came back with many ideas and lots of excuses :).

Just returned few days ago from another lovely vacation (which will be the subject of another post), and honestly I’ve been keeping myself busy with nothing new – just learning German in the morning and programming in the afternoon. In the evenings I just lived my life as humanly as possible – having a walk or a nice cold beer – as it’s summer baby!

Now coming back to my story –  I was promising in the last post that I was going to write a mini series regarding my train trip through Switzerland and Italy. With the risk of repeating myself, I must say again that this vacation was a dream which after a long time finally came true!

In the morning of our Zurich trip, on June 11th  (I know, quite a while ago! 🙂 ), I woke up with my stomach  invaded by butterflies. To be honest, recently I became so… how to say it in a nice way? Aaaa! Ungrateful, that’s it – as I wasn’t able to feel anymore the excitement before going on a trip. The only thing  I was strongly feeling was the fear of flying :)) . But this time it was totally different! I even did not sleep well, just trying to get though my mental list the things which we were supposed to take with us in our huge green rucksack.

So we woke up, very early – at 4.30 as our train was leaving at 5.30 am from Vienna’s Hauptbahnhof (main train station). We walked very fast till the train station, thinking that we might miss our train and had our toothbrushes at home forgotten.

Sweaty and with no energy left due to our lacking breakfast, we were able to find our seats in the cool RailJet train which was taking us in approximately 8 hours to pretty Zurich.

Now, the best thing from our trip to Zurich was the journey itself. From Vienna the train stopped in almost all Austrian major cities – the cute Linz, famous Salzburg,  and the one and only Innsbruck. The landscape got even prettier after Innsbruck as our train was climbing the tall mountains which now were filled with dark green meadows and sparkling small waterfalls which were showing in front of your eyes just to make you jealous that you couldn’t stop the train to grasp them in a picture. Please add to this image the sound of the screaming rails and the cheerfulness of the people which were so happy that they were going on vacation. Cute, isn’t it? 🙂

As we got closer to St. Anton, we got closer to the sky. The beautiful images which were appearing behind  our window were just interrupted by the multitude of dark long and noisy tunnels. Every new eye contact with the window was simply breathtaking! Definitely our next skiing  vacation will be in St. Anton!

The border with Switzerland was approaching,  but what we did not know is that first we would go through small Lichtenstein. After entering Switzerland the landscape got flat for a while, but as we got closer to Lake Zurich, beautiful mountains cut by small waterfalls were  again growing, this time  behind an azure lake. Suddenly, a storm started. The train window got icy and steamy. The blue sky turned grey and heavy, the color of the take turned into a calm, but threatening light blue. Having this image displayed before my eyes and hearing the heavy drops of water mixed with ice hitting the train roof, made me feel for a moment, like watching the Dementor scene surrounding the  train in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie 🙂 (in case you’re wondering – yes, I’m a huge HP fan :P).

Unfortunately as we got in Zurich the weather did not get nicer. Even though it was mid June we had thick jumpers and vests on :)). What to say about Zurich? It’s nice, it’s small, it’s Swiss and  expensive! 🙂


The Old Town of Zurich is magical, makes you feel like in a Grimm’s Brothers story. Please visit Grossmunster Cathedral, Cabaret Voltaire and it’s a must to have a boat trip on Lake Zurich -and a small hint: beverages and food are much cheaper on boat than in the city!

DSC_0415         DSC_0407


Our next stop – Lugano, Switzerland!

Cheers! 🙂





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