It’s a lake! It’s a mountain! It’s Lugano!



Let me continue the story of our train trip with the next stop: Lugano, Switzerland.

After a rainy cold day in Zürich we were looking forward to a nice warm train trip. So at 13:30 we were at Zurich Hauptbahnhof, waiting patiently for our train, but already tired and wet.

We took another cool and fast train. To be honest (even though might sound freaky 🙂 ) the coolest thing on this train was… the toilet! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Leaving aside the fact that it was incredibly clean, it came with another surprise: it was very spacious and had a cute wallpaper with cool drawings which gave you the felling that it was in fact  an old granny’s home restroom. The wallpaper was looking like a nice window with flowers in pots and stuff. :)) Well done! 🙂

Once more the way to Lugano was spent next to the window, keeping  my eyes and mouth wide open. Just from time to time you could hear me saying : ” Wow!”, “Aaaaaaaa!!!”, “That’s sooooo beautiful”!

The 3 1/2 hours went quickly. Speedy train, tall mountains, turquoise lakes… made the train ride very exhausting  as staring at their beauty consumed the last drops of energy I still had on board :P.

The train stopped in a very small but coquette station situated on the top of the mountain. The first thing which took me by surprise was the heat and high humidity. After two winter like days spent in Zürich, it felt like a true blessing! A breathtaking view towards  Lugano lake made me feel more like being next to the Mediterranean Sea than next to a lake surrounded by mountains. Lots of flowers and hundreds of palm trees gave the landscape an exotic touch.  It was packed with people from all age groups dressed in colorful and eccentric traditional clothing. Lugano was dressed up and had the mood to party!




Honestly, and I hope that saying this will not raise eyebrows, being in Lugano felt like being in Monaco! It had the casino, the beach, good mood and food and of course – the rich people 🙂 !

What to do and where to go while in Lugano? Well, there are lots! You can take a boat trip, a funicular ride, lay in the sun, have lovely meals, enjoy a walk in the park or to waste your money in the casino! But I shall not bore you with these details, as the mighty Internet is already well loaded with this info 🙂 .


My favorite activity in Lugano was staring at the beautiful sights and people, but the cherry on top was having the most outrageously tasty roast beef sandwich which my taste buds had the chance to taste in 28 years! And my friends,  that’s the place to be in Lugano!



The name of the beautiful place is Macelleria Salumeria D. Gabbani. It is located in the old town, on via Pessina 12. Hint: go early in the morning, around 08:30 – 09:00 and please be hungry! The sandwiches are still warm and sexy looking :), the only problem will be to choose which one to have, as all of them are sooooo appealing! Also, very important, please take your sandwich to go, and enjoy  it on one of the many benches facing the lake.



The beautiful view of the lake, the clean blue sky, the tall green mountains sprinkled with tall palm trees and the best roast beef sandwich in the world were the perfect ingredients for a relaxed and out of ordinary vacation!



Now all aboard! Next stop: Lake Como! 🙂






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