To Bellagio from Menaggio with love


Seems it’s been  quite a while since my last blog post. Like the most of you, I will blame it on the nasty cold weather which was so unpleasant, not to give me any mood to write. To be honest, I’m still lacking inspiration. The only motivation I had today was the promise I made myself when I started the blog – to write at least an article per month ( I know, I’m quite a disappointment for a “real” blogger 🙂 ). I had no posts in November… and today’s the 30th. Let’s roll!

The last time I wrote was regrading the train trip I took with my hubby in June. OMG… in June! And now it’s November, and I’m still writing about it. And I’m not even half done. The challenge for me will be to end my series till the end of this year. Keeping up my promise regarding one post per month, it’s more than obvious that I won’t be able to make it… as I still want to write about Bellagio, Varenna, Tremezzo, bit of Milan, Turin, Cremona, Mantua, Verona, Padua and Venice. As always… I’ll manage somehow! The reason why I want to finish the series (with the risk of being boring) is that this was one of my dreams which – thanks God – came true. As the years will keep on passing, my memories will start to fade and I do not want to forget a minute of the great time I had together with my husband, during one of the trips of my life. I know… some of you might have higher expectations from the trip of their life – like going on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, or climbing Mount Everest… or swimming with dolphins. Mine was common, overdone, and  even boring, but the fact that I was able to make it come true makes it, at least in my eyes, as precious and fulfilling as going to the Moon and back :P.

After my long and sentimental introduction, let’s go back to business. Or our story. You choose. 😛


While being accommodated in Menaggio (that’s in beautiful Italy) we visited lots of amazing places. One of them was Bellagio – and no, it’s not the huge casino and hotel, famous for its water fountains dancing on the soft rhythms of  Andrea Bocelli’s  song “Con te partiro” :)). It’s famous for the huge and famous casino which was named after it :)) . Just kidding – it’s famous for Villa Serbelloni (which is a crazy expensive hotel),  Villa Melzi d’Eril with its sumptuous gardens, and of course… (this is a special one for the ladies in the house) George Clooney :))).

How to get from Menaggio to Bellagio? Just cross the lake. On a boat of course – that’s a 15 minutes ride… for more than acceptable price of 4.5 euros. In the morning of our short boat trip to Bellagio I woke up very enthusiastic. The thought of the beautiful places which I was going to visit that day made me enjoy the sunny day to maximum. So we hopped on a boat…


As we were getting further away from Menaggio, I was able to see how beautiful the little old town was. The light colored houses at the foot of the mountains looked coquette and happy. The glitter reflected by the sun in the clean water of Lake Como made the place look magical till it slowly faded away. We were getting closer to fancy Bellagio. As the boat stopped, we got off and our first activity was to find the  villa we wanted to see – Melzi d’Eril.


Please do not miss it. It’s a beauty. The entry fee is modest, but the gardens are unbelievably superb. The only misfortune we had, was that the interior of the villa cannot be visited, as it’s  a private property. While in the gardens, the cliche of the picture of the beautiful well dressed ladies running and hiding around kept appearing in my mind. I was asking myself – how it felt like to live in that gorgeous place? The only answer I was able to give myself was “definitely better than Heaven”.

It was very hard to leave the gardens of Villa Melzi d’Eril. Slowly, we took a walk on the narrow streets of Bellagio. What you can find there? Vintage jewelry, amazing gelato, and cold drinks on shady terraces.

The small town is very crowded in summer, so I do recommend, to visit in the morning. Walk slowly on the old streets and watch with attention the crystal clear windows of the elegant small shops in town. For me it was a true delight!

Before leaving Bellagio, we had a short stop at Villa Serbelloni. The sumptuous villa is located near the docks, facing the lake. Currently it is a very famous luxury hotel. I did not fancy the idea of bothering the customers, so I just had a discrete look around and took few pictures.


I was really impressed by the beauty and atmosphere in Bellagio. I case you plan to visit, do not forget: your camera (as you’ll take hundreds of pictures) and it is mandatory to have an fruity ice-cold gelato.

Next stop: Varenna! 🙂

P.S.: Bellagio was extremely beautiful, and made me unable to stop from taking great pictures (I guess I took over 400 😛 ). From so many pretty pics it was damn hard to choose only 2-3. Hence the reason today’s post is decorated with so many pictures as a Christmas tree! 🙂 🙂


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