Alive gardens live in Varenna


We spent three days at Lake Como. The first day was dedicated to Menaggio and laziness, the second to Bellagio and Varenna, the third day to Tremezzo and bad weather :P.

As I already wrote an article about Bellagio on my previous post (which was written a long, but very long time ago šŸ™‚ ), today I shallĀ  “sharpen my fingers” and write about the short but beautiful time spent in the heaven-like villageĀ  Varenna.

To Varenna you get by boatĀ  – either from Menaggio or Bellagio. To be honest – even all three are famous – Varenna was the one closer to my heart. As you get off the boat in the small port, the Gothic architecture is giving you a cold welcome. In order to get to the main attractions you haveĀ  to cross a beautiful bridge which is not suspended, but embraced by the rocky cliffs. From there on, just focus your steps on getting to two magical places – and these are Villa Cipressi – currently a hotel and Villa Monastero.

We discovered Villa Cipressi by accident, on our way to the well known Villa Monastero. It’s an orange hotel, and I know, it does not make it appealing. For some reason, we decided to enter in the hotel and ask the reception if we would beĀ  allowed to visit, at least the gardens – which for a modest fee, was possible. This was probably the most wonderful surprise we had on our trip. From the sumptuous reception we went though a large glass door and…

In a blink we were transferred into a new world! The humid warmth gave me the impression that I am next to the Mediterranean Sea. The palm trees of all sizes were guarding the godless heaven. Flowers of all colors and scents were hypnotizing me as their petals were dancing in the warm air on the lullabies sung by the flying children of the garden. Strong scented lemons were growing big and healthy under the hot caresses of the sun. But it’s more to come. As I was sitting in the shade of a green tree, I was able to see how amazingly the garden was spreading her long, slim arms into the lake in narrow tall steps. The garden – beautiful and calm, was breathing slowly as she was kissing with her rocky lips the unique blue of Lake Como. This Garden was alive!

There is no camera in this world able to capture so much beauty and serenity. If you get the chance to visit this garden, please do not waste your time taking too many videos and selfies. Just find a tree’s shade, sit under it, and try to look around with hunger. Then close your eyes for a moment and let the warm wind give you a hug. This is how you will never forget the best picture which you will able to take with your own eyes.


With our minds and eyes full of beauty we continued our way to Villa Monastero – another charming place. The garden is quite big – and as well full of the best things which only nature can give. Only at this place, it was not the garden which spoke to me, but the beautiful Villa. Unfortunately, it is not in a very good condition, but this is what gives the place an unique charm, as the cracks in the fragile walls and the moldy fences were able to tell us beautiful stories about the amazing hands of the people which not only had built her, but also protected her from harm.

Now hurry up dear, as we do not want to miss our boat! Next stop: Tremezzo! šŸ™‚






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