Visiting Carlotta

We had only one day left to spend at Lake Como. We had the chance to visit calm Menaggio, fancy Bellagio and infamous Varenna. While in Bellagio, at Villa Melzi, I saw the shadow of an imposing building on the other side of the lake. It seemed interesting, even from far away.

I started looking for more info, as the shadowy building intrigued me. This is how I found out that building was called “Villa Carlotta”, and was located in Tremezzo. As we were accommodated in Menaggio, we had to take a short bus ride to our destination. Travelling by bus in Lake Como area an be a real adventure. Narrow roads, timetables which are not followed (if you miss your bus, get ready to wait for the next one around 1-2 hours), even buying a ticket can be a challenge 🙂 . This time we were lucky, as the bus arrived on time. We hopped on, found two seats. As the bus was following its route along Lake Como, we had a nice view of the surroundings. In 10 minutes we reached our destination. The bus stop was in front of an elegant villa.


I was surprised to find out that the gardens of the villa host an enormous botanical garden filled with hundreds spices of trees and plants. As we entered the garden though the iron gates, I was able to see one of Carlotta’s cheeks. It was white and strong. The next thing  Carlotta revealed were her many, big blue eyes, shaded by long black lashes. Now please, have some patience to let me tell you more about Carlotta. She’s old, but still young, beautiful and full of grace. She’s calm and full of confidence as she was educated in the spirit of the old days. Carlotta is quiet as she is gazing over the Italian garden. I could see her long slim legs touching firmly the alleys… as I got closer, Carlotta‘s fit figure came back to reality as her legs turned into the stairs which welcomed us inside her private kingdom. Her white cheeks turned back to cold walls and the many blue eyes shaded by black lashes came to be large wooden windows. Her silence was disturbed by our first footsteps on the shiny crooked floor.

Carlotta was the only villa in the area which was open to public. We were able to admire her simple but still elegant interiors and to discover bits of  Carlotta’s short life story (her full name was Princess Frederica Louise Wilhelmina Marianne Charlotte of Prussia – quite a long one to remember 🙂 ).

After exiting the villa, we wandered in the botanical garden. Again, we were seduced by the beauty of the trees, flowers and many plants which were inhabiting the garden.

In Tremezzo you can have a nice walk, admire the local architecture and of course enjoy the Italian cuisine in the many restaurants which  surround the small town. This was our last full day at Lake Como, which made me quite sad, as I had to leave so much beauty behind. I love the fact that it left me with such strong memories, that even now, almost 9 months after our trip, I am able to remember everything so vividly.

Now all aboard! Next stop: Milan! 🙂



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