Three hours in Milan

We left Lake Como on a terrible weather. As I wrote on my post regarding our arrival to Menaggio (you can take a peek here), our accommodation was somehow on the top of the mountain 🙂 . So try to imagine this – rain, cold wind, heavy backpacks, no umbrellas or raincoats, and the two of us having an unwanted hike on the slippery, narrow, sidewalk-less streets. In spite of all these roadblocks we were able to make it, wet and cold, but alive to the bus station.

Menaggio – Milan is quite a short trip. You can take a bus to Como town, and from there  the comic character-named trains “Frecciabianca” (that would be  “White Arrow”) or “Frecciargento” (“Silver Arrow”) to beautiful Milan. As it was not the first time we visited the chic city, we decided to stop only for few hours, on our way to Turin (where were waiting for us my hubby’s cool cousin and beautiful wife and we planning to stay for two days).

Coming back to my story – wet and cold, we were very happy to get on the bus. In less than an hour, we were in Como train station. We hopped on the White Arrow and, in a blink we were in glamorous Milan. As we had our heavy backpacks with us, we decided just to take a small tour around the old town city center.

If you are expecting red limestone roofs, with colorful little buildings, as you might have seen all over Italy, get ready to be in a good way “disappointed”. Milan is cosmopolitan and sexy as a model :P.

My advice is do some research before your arrival, as some attractions which you might want to visit, as Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” might need an advance booking. We spent 3 hours, and we were able to see the Dome, La Scala Opera, Vittorio Emanuele  Gallery, the Dome Square and Cinque Vie historical district – all in walking distance.


What to say more about Milan? Its inhabitants look smart and friendly, and its streets are clean and well organized. I can say I was enthusiastic to visit for the second time an old friend, and, if the future will ever bring old Milan in my way, I would be more than happy to have a nice chat again.

Now let’s hurry up o the train station. Next stop: Turin! 🙂

Coming soon: Cremona, Mantua, Verona, Padua and Venice!


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