We left Milan after three hours (if curious about what happened there – just click here) – with a clear destination in our minds – Turin! Even if it does not seem much, we felt very tired – thanks to our heavy backpacks and the beauty which we were able to admire :P. After taking the train from Milano Centrale station, a heavy rain started. At least this time – I told myself – we were lucky enough not to get wet.

The trip lasted around one hour. As I was not able to see much on the train’s dusty window, due to the summer rain, I decided to play some card games with my hubby. Terrible decision! I lost all of them :(. When we arrived at the train station, the welcoming face of our host greeted us. It was my hubby’s cousin b-day, so that evening we went to a nice pizzeria to celebrate. Lovely time spent with great company!

The next day, our cute host F., took us on a city tour. She is a great organizer, and lucky us, is also one of the few people which do know much of the history of the city in which they spend most of their lives. So we took the car and started our journey from the small town of San Mauro, trough narrow roads with pretty houses around. The curvy road was taking us closer and closer to the sky.

Soon, we arrived at one of the places with the most breathtaking views I have seen in my life! And that my friends is called Superga hill, the host of Basilica of Superga. After having enough rain at Lake Como, the sunny day was a true blessing. And how can a beautiful sunny day be celebrated without a stunning scenery? From up there you are able to see how majestically is river Po crawling between the graceful streets of Turin. The spire of Mole Antonelliana, Turin’s landmark, can be admired how it tries to scrape the sky at its height of 167.5 meters. The old town of Turin, with its elegant aristocratic buildings and piazzas, was looking like a delicate tulle tutu.

The Basilica of Superga is also dressed to impress in baroque-styled clothing. Its intimidating tall columns and the tall arch are the resting place of the members of the well-known House of Savoy. But this beautiful place hides a sad story behind its walls – the air disaster which led, in 1949, to the loss of the famous football team Grande Torino.

The sun was still warm and shiny, so we continued our visit to the quarters of the Royal Palace of Turin. Hidden from the shadow of elegant Turin, the palace and  its surroundings are a true beauty. The mixed architecture of the palace, guarded by pieces of contemporary art, displays itself shameless before your eyes. The vast green gardens offers your sight the best alpine panorama.

This was an amazing full day. As it was our 7th day on the road, I could feel my heels pumping out tiredness. The remaining of the day was spent on relaxation and good company. The next day, together with our cool hosts, we hit the road towards Cremona.

Now stay tuned, more to come! 🙂





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I'm Cristiana. Simply me and simply funny!

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